Story and Song

Dinner and a show, every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 PM Eastern to 11:30 PM Eastern.
Located at Excalibur, Lavender Beds, Ward 17, Plot 43.


Story and Song is a new venture owned by Sachiko Palluna, former owner of the Library and leader of the Wandering Bole performance group.

Story and Song provides a peaceful, immersive RP atmosphere. We strive to provide the experience of an upscale restaurant within the bounds of the FFXIV setting.: dinner and a show, Eorzea-style.

Our stage features talented storytellers and musicians every night that we're open. We provide quality entertainment, whether you want for a relaxing night out for yourself, or you're looking to celebrate a special occasion with someone dear to you.


Our meals come as prix fixe sets, each of which include a recommended drink pairing, three courses, and dessert. Food substitutions and orders a la carte are not available, but nonalcoholic drinks can be substituted for alcoholic ones by request.

Please note: The meal will be delivered one course at a time, with about 5 minutes between courses, so expect a set to take about 15-20 minutes.

Seasonal menu designed by Dr. Furious Rajang.

Pizza Set
Price: 15,000 gil

First course:
Miso Dengaku

Skewers of firm tofu, basted with a sweet and tangy glaze then barbequed over open coals until the surface sugars caramelize. Simple and satisfying.

Second course:
Landtrap Salad

Traditional Gridanian salad featuring leaves sourced from local Landtrap. Our house-made balsamic vinaigrette supports crisp slices of apple, onion and landtrap leaves, which have a unique flavour that lies somewhere between sauteed beets and thinly sliced lean beef. Finished with a touch of fresh black pepper and a drizzle of honey.


Flatbread slathered with crushed tomatoes and covered with a mixture of sharp, creamy and pungent cheeses, then topped with fresh basil, black pepper and finishing salt. Fired in a wood oven until crisp and served immediately. Olive oil and sliced black truffle available upon request.

Blood Currant Tart

Rich, flaky shortcrust sweetened with maple sugar supporting a jelling compote of tart rolanberries and accented with a touch of lemon. Served warm, with an optional dollop of whipped cream and an additional sprinkle of maple sugar.

Drink pairing:
White Wine

A signature product of the Threeleaves Distillery, this light-bodied blend plays to the strengths of certain varieties of noble grape local to Upper La Noscea. Sweet but deceptively strong, the vintage carries zesty notes of almond and citrus that marry nicely with the entreeā€™s lively finish.

Risotto Set
Price: 20,000 gil

First course:
Cheese Souffle

Egg based savoury cake with a light and puffy consistency. The sharp, fragrant cheeses blended into the batter are offset by the bittersweet, woodsy flavours of maple syrup and the slight acidity of a squeeze of sun lemon juice.

Second course:
Morel Salad

A simple dressing of olive oil and sesame supports a salad of mixed lettuce, baby spinach and a particularly luxurious variety of sugar peas sourced from the Sea of Clouds in this dish that plays to the strengths of Morel mushrooms. The earthy, nutty texture of morels provide firm, meaty flavour in contrast to the crisp fresh greens.

Risotto al Nero

Ink black risotto that conjures up the taste of the ocean's bounty. Squid Ink brings an earthy, uniquely briny flavour to a simple risotto prepared with high quality olive oil and a specialized cultivar of rare short-grain rice, the dish further elevated by the inclusion of tangy heirloom tomatoes. Finished with a light grating of nutmeg.


Light, pillowy dessert built on layers of pureed apple and apricot folded together into an elaborate meringue and seasoned with peppermint. Served in a set of three.

Drink pairing:
Spiced Cider

Fresh cloves, dried vanilla pods and a hint of cinnamon come together to support the crisp taste of golden apples in this light cider. Mixed with a simple syrup flavoured with a reduction of pearl ginger and served warm.

Boscaiola Set
Price: 25,000 gil

First course:
Flint Caviar

Ethically harvested eggs taken from the rare Emperor Fish, harvested by hand and held in a carefully controlled environment to prevent spoilage. These dense pearls combine a luscious, creamy texture with the signature richness associated with Caviar. Served on a wooden platter with an accompaniment of crackers, flatbread and small wooden serving spoons.

Second course:
Ginger Salad

Batonettes of crisp daikon and fresh lettuce hide slivers of aromatic ginger in this zesty side. Simply dressed with a spiced olive oil that preserves the pungent heat of crimson peppers while mellowing the associated bitterness. Spicy.


Savoury dish that combines thin, chewy noodles with a blend of wild Morel and Porcini mushrooms, sauteed together with a bright tomato sauce. The rustic, woodsy flavour of the plate supports the meaty texture of the mushrooms for satisfying, toothsome bites. Softened Morels carry a rich, buttery taste that linger on the palate. Finished with olive oil and a hint of black pepper.


Custard-like dessert of Ishgardian origin. Golden apples and pears stewed with cinnamon, brown sugar and dark rum are encapsulated in a batter with a soft, flan-like texture inside and a crisp golden brown exterior. Dusted with powdered sugar and served warm.

Drink pairing:
Blackberry Wine

This full-bodied wine combines a sweet, slightly peppery undertone with a complex and aromatic finish that evokes notes of orange, clove and cinnamon. Rich and satisfying.


Want to organize an event at Story and Song? We can provide the venue space (including any custom decorations you require), music, and stories custom-written ahead of time and delivered on the day of your event.

Prices available on inquiry and negotiable depending on what exactly you need. Please contact Sachiko on Discord at mouse#6421 for information.


Stories to Order

Any night that we're open, you're free to commission us for a story about the subject of your choosing that we'll make up and tell on the spot. Stories can either be told entirely by the storyteller, or through audience participation, choose your own adventure style. All stories must be PG-13 - no extreme sexual content, gore, or themes dark enough to need a serious content warning.

Approx. 1/2 an hour - 150,000 gil

Some examples of the kinds of stories you can hope to encounter onstage.

Memories - Sachiko Palluna
A Prince and His Narrator - No Honey
4 Choose Your Own Adventure stories - Sachiko Palluna (from Ride the Tide 2021)