Story and Song

Bar and lounge, open every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 PM Eastern to 11:30 PM Eastern.
Located at Excalibur, Lavender Beds, Ward 17, Plot 43.


Story and Song is a bar and lounge owned by Sachiko Palluna, former owner of the Library and leader of the Wandering Bole performance group.

Story and Song provides a peaceful, immersive place to roleplay, friendly to all ages and all levels of experience. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere including music and storytelling that are all presented within the canonical bounds of the FFXIV setting.

Our stage features live music every night that we're open, and storytelling by request. Our menu includes both drinks if you're just hoping to sit and stay a while, and a food menu if you're interested in a high-quality meal in a cozy spot (and as a bonus, raid foods available in bulk by request).

Meal Sets

Each month we present two prix fixe sets that each feature a sampling of regional cuisine from one of the areas of the world.

Please note: All courses of your meal will be delivered at the same time, but do feel free to RP it out!

Monthly menu designed with the assistance of Dr. Furious Rajang.

Far Eastern Set
Price: 15,000 gil

First course:
Ginger Salad

A zesty salad that beckons with the aroma of fresh-cut ginger.

Imam Bayildi

Miniature Doman eggplants stuffed to bursting with juicy marinated vegetables - and enough peppers to knock a trained Fist of Rhalgr monk out cold.

Persimmon Pudding

A rich steamed dessert made with pureed persimmons and eggs.

Drink pairing:
Doman Tea

An after-supper beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons. Wildly popular in the Far East.

Thavnairian Set
Price: 20,000 gil

First course:
Coconut Cod Chowder

A Near Eastern soup, brimming with shallows cod simmered in silky coconut milk.

Lentil Curry

A dish that combines lentils with a sumptious blend of spices in a silky coconut milk stew.


A traditional Near Eastern pastry made of a sweetened paste of chopped nuts and honey sandwiched between layers of thin unleavened dough.

Drink pairing:
Mint Lassi

A cool and refreshing drink made from cultured milk. Popular in the Near Eastern city-state of Radz-at-Han for its ability to offset the blistering heat of the Thavnairian midday sun.


Want to organize an event at Story and Song? We can provide the venue space (including any custom decorations you require), music, and stories custom-written ahead of time and delivered on the day of your event.

Prices available on inquiry and negotiable depending on what exactly you need. Please contact Sachiko on Discord at mouse#6421 for information.


Stories to Order

Any night that we're open, you're free to commission us for a story about the subject of your choosing that we'll make up and tell on the spot. Stories can either be told entirely by the storyteller, or through audience participation, choose your own adventure style. All stories must be PG-13 - no extreme sexual content, gore, or themes dark enough to need a serious content warning.

Approx. 1/2 an hour - 150,000 gil

Some examples of the kinds of stories you can hope to encounter onstage.

Memories - Sachiko Palluna
A Prince and His Narrator - No Honey
4 Choose Your Own Adventure stories - Sachiko Palluna (from Ride the Tide 2021)